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With effect from 1 April 2016 the Group Travel Insurance Policy was renewed for a further 2 years.

The Health Warranty under the policy has altered in that medical conditions do not need to be declared to Mediquote. The policy will not cover you if any of the following apply to you, a travelling companion, immediate relative, close business associate or someone upon whom your trip depends, whether they are travelling with you or not :

1.    You/they areaware of any reason why the holiday could be
       cancelled or curtailed
2.    You/they were travelling against the advice of a medical
       practitioner or in order to get medical treatment abroad
3.    You/they have been diagnosed as having a terminal illness

If you are unsure please notify Philip Williams & Co immediately on 01925 604421 or contact the Federation Office on 0151 259 2535

Slater & Gordon Lawyers

Slater & Gordon Lawyers are specialists in all aspects of the legal issues faced by the police.

These include: personal injury claims, defamation and employment claims, claims of misconduct and criminal behaviour and in family law matters.

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