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Time to re-boot the system...

I am guessing that of all the invites Home Secretary Theresa May received this year, the opportunity to speak at the Federationís annual conference was about as appealing as being invited to lay on a bed of nails.

Last year she delivered, in trademark steely style, a fairly hard-nosed speech in which she hit out at the Federation. Many officers felt they were being targeted personally as the focus turned on subjects like trust and corruption; the room was silent.

The Home Secretary probably didnít expect to be coming back; after all, many have not lasted so long. But, however officers feel, the Federation must engage to deliver the messages about how the swingeing cuts are impacting on the service, in the hope that the robotic mantra that cuts are not having any consequences can be re-wired.

Theresa May once said that she did not want to be delivering the bad news about cuts, but itís subsequently become a habit. It seems like a computer programme that runs and runs without questioning.

The fact that the service has 17,000 fewer officers since 2010 and is facing yet more cuts will come back to bite the government. Officers are stressed and stretched, trying to keep up with growing and increasingly complex demands, and have just about managed to keep their heads as the service is on the brink of collapse.

It would be good to see a break from the cyborg political rhetoric we have seen in the past. What officers need is support to provide a good service to the public. Time for a re-boot.