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Loan Applications Now Online


Police Credit Union (PCU), provider of savings and loans to the Police Family, is introduced online loan applications in March 2010, in response to demand from members, as well as introducing a fresh look, enhanced website, online feedback and easier site navigation. With clear choices taking centre stage on the new PCU homepage, visitors are now able to find information in moments and apply for membership or a loan.

PCU Loans Manager said: "You don't have to be an existing PCU member to take advantage of our new look website. It's open to serving/retired officers, police staff and PCSOs that wish to join us or simply find out more about our services. Last year was a fantastic year for PCU. Our membership base continued to grow and we are now serving over 17,000 individuals within the Police family, across 20 forces throughout England and Wales. That said, we still believe we are only just scratching the surface and that PCU is the best kept secret within the Police Family. We want to reach out and spread the word that we are a worthy alternative to mainstream profit-driven financial services. Unlike mainstream banks and finance houses, PCU is a 'not-for-profit' organisation. We were set-up to ensure the Police family has access to competitive, responsible financial services that are built on solid foundations. The latter aspect has become far more prominent in our minds following the ongoing economic turmoil in recent years."

With more than 100,000 visits to www.policecu.co.uk annually, it appears the Credit Union message is spreading. For more information visit their website, email; liverpool@policecu.co.uk or contact 0845 241 7504.