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Seasonal Loan Offer - Police Credit Union


All we offer are loans and savings. Honestly!

Like a bank, a credit union like Police CU offers savings accounts and loans. But because we're a credit union, we don't use your money to pay massive executive bonuses or speculative shareholders.

  • >  Exclusively for the Police and Law Enforcement Family
  • >  No hidden charges, no hard sell.
  • >  Deduction of savings and loan repayments via payroll (in most forces)
  • >  No admin charges, fees or early resettlement charges.
  • >  Life cover provided at no extra charge.
  • >  Simply here to help..no catch!

Even if you're saving small amounts or taking out just a little loan, you're important to us - honestly! - so get in touch and find out more.

Visit:   -   www.policecu.co.uk

Call:   -   0121 700 1243

Branch:   -   Carol, Sandra or John

                   Malvern House, 13 Green Lane, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L13 7DT

Email:   -   liverpool@policecu.co.uk