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Vauxhall Partners Programme

As of Friday 1st April 2016 Merseyside Police Federation will no longer be processing the Vauxhall Partnership Scheme applications and forms. We would therefore ask that all people wishing to register contact GM Vauxhall Partners Programme directly either through their website or telephone the helpline 0844 875 2448

We will no longer be in a positon to advise members of the registration process and would ask that all enquires are made as advised above.

Merseyside Police Federation would like to highlight that in the event you are asked by dealerships to provide identification in order to gain discount that you DO NOT provide your Warrant/Id cards (including photocopies or scanned images) as this is against legislation and force policies.

We can confirm that members previously registered onto the scheme prior to the above date will still be members and previous registrations will be honoured by GM Vauxhall Partners. (Who should hold all previous membership records)

Merseyside Police Federation