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RedArc are one of the key components of our Group Insurance Scheme, and many members have used the service, and we continue to receive fabulous feedback about the service they provide to us. This summary is designed to emphasise the benefits for those who have not used the scheme before.

We highlight below some of the common questions that both ourselves and RedArc are asked.
Q What is covered under the scheme?
The scheme is primarily to assist individuals with a serious health condition, although there is no specific list. Whilst this can be quite subjective depending in the individual, minor conditions are generally not covered.

Q. Who is covered?
Within the scheme, cover is available if you are a member of the Group Insurance Scheme. Your partner / spouse / children are only covered if you have the separate spouse / partner option of the Group Insurance scheme.

Q How can I be referred?
There are several ways.
  •  You can self-refer by contacting the number below.
  •  Your Federation Rep can refer you. If this option is taken, you will need to give specific consent to your Rep before one of the

RedArc Nurses can make contact.

Q What is not covered?
Although we rarely say no, we have agreed with your Federation that RedArc will not accept general orthopedic referrals, or requests for general physiotherapy.

Q What can RedArc do to help?

You will have access to your own Personal Nurse Adviser. They will be a qualified, experienced nurse, with vast knowledge and expertise. You will have access to your Personal Nurse Adviser for as long as required. Depending on your individual circumstances, your nurse may offer you specialist third party support if appropriate (such as specialist therapies or counselling) tailored to your situation. They will also be able to send you information about your condition, in the form of booklets, leaflets etc.

RedArc Services

RED ARC is an independent personal nurse advice service specialising in welfare-based added value services.

The diagnosis of a serious health condition such as cancer, a heart attack, stroke or MS invariably means a worrying time for everyone close to the person. That's the time when you need access to someone who understands your condition and has the time to listen to your concerns and allay your fears. That goes for your spouse, partner and children too. Practical advice and emotional support are also available for other health conditions. The cornerstone of the service is the Personal Nurse Adviser - highly experienced, registered nurses who will be the focal point for you and your family and tailor the support you need to your particular circumstances.

Your Personal Nurse Adviser will be available to you by telephone in normal business hours, and will be able to provide information and support for as long as you need it. Where appropriate, they may assess and commission additional services such as a one off visit by a specialist nurse, therapy or counselling.

RedArc can also provide information about charities specialising in your particular health condition, and can often direct you to self-help groups that will help you come to terms with your problem. Home adaptation and special equipment to aid everyday living are other important areas where they can provide guidance.

The service is free of charge and confidential. If you think you may be eligible please should ring RedArc on 01244 625180 in normal business hours.