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The Police Children's Charity

We have always sought to ensure that the The Police Children's Charity evolves to reflect the changing character and nature of modern policing. Over the last few years we have made significant changes to our eligibility and financial benefit package in order to expand the financial support offered by the Trust. We found that the name lacks relevance for the new cohorts coming in and has also been said to not be inclusive for the National Forces we represent. The Trustees have therefore decided to rename the Charity to better represent the work that we do. We are now relaunching the Charity as 'The Police Children's Charity.'

The Police Children's Charity are pleased to announce that we will be running an Amnesty during April, May and June 2022. During these months only, eligible roles will be able to start donating to the Charity and be eligible to receive help without the usual 12 month wait (subject to individual assessment). We have also added the newly eligible roles of PCSOs, Special Constables, Detention and Custody Officers and Police Staff Investigators, including CSIs & Civilian Investigators.

We have contacted your payroll department to advise of the name change and attach the newly updated deduction form. Please ensure your records are updated.

The past two years have been difficult for the Police Family and we recognise that the demand for our services will only increase. The Police Children's Charity has recently added Serving role grants, providing more help when needed. We hope that by offering this Amnesty, we are able to appeal to all those who have previously not signed up or cancelled their donations to the Charity during their career.

During the Amnesty months, the DRCE team will be hosting Virtual information sessions on Teams. We hope that you will be able to attend these sessions to better understand the work of the Charity and grants available. The dates will be:
24.03.2022 - 10am
29.03.2022 - 10am
04.04.2022 - 10am

To book onto one of the sessions, please complete the form on our new website.

The DRCE Team are also happy to attend any events you may be holding during these months to promote the work of The Police Children's Charity and the Amnesty. Please do let us know if you have any Wellbeing Events, Training Days or Conferences that we may be able to attend.

Please do also let us know if you need any literature or pull up banners to display, and again, we will be happy to send these or bring them with us to an event. Attached are posters advertising the Amnesty, please let us know using the request form if you need any other print. We would be grateful if you could please share these widely.

Finally, to run alongside the Amnesty, we are running a Competition to win a Volkswagen e-Up for 24 months for any new donors who sign up during the Amnesty period. Current donors can also enter the competition. Proof of donations will be required when completing the online form.

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